1. Noun.  (dialectal, poetic) The Earth; earth.
  2. Verb.  (transitive) to bend (any thin material, such as paper) over so that it comes in contact with itself.
  3. Verb.  (transitive) to make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending.
  4. Verb.  (intransitive) (informal) to fall over.
  5. Verb.  (intransitive) to give way on a point or in an argument.
  6. Verb.  To enclose within folded arms.
  7. Verb.  (intransitive) (poker) To withdraw from betting.
  8. Verb.  (transitive) To stir gently, with a folding action.
  9. Verb.  (intransitive) Of a company, to cease to trade.
  10. Noun.  An act of folding.
  11. Noun.  A bend or crease.
  12. Noun.  Any correct move in origami.
  13. Noun.  (newspapers) The division between the top and bottom halves of a broadsheet: headlines above the fold will be readable in a newsstand display; usually ''the fold''.
  14. Noun.  (by extension, web design) The division between the part of a web page visible in a web browser window without scrolling; usually ''the fold''.
  15. Noun.  (geology) The bending or curving of one or a stack of originally flat and planar surfaces, such as sedimentary strata, as a result of plastic (i.e. permanent) deformation.
  16. Noun.  A pen or enclosure for sheep or other domestic animals.
  17. Noun.  (figuratively) Home, family..
  18. Noun.  (religion, Christian) A church congregation, a church, the Christian church as a whole, the flock of Christ.
  19. Noun.  (obsolete) A boundary or limit.
  20. Verb.  To confine sheep in a fold.

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