1. (initialism) .  The Andean Community of Nations.
  2. (initialism) .  (inorganic compound) ceric ammonium nitrate.
  3. (initialism) .  (computing) Campus area network.
  4. (initialism) .  Consistent and asymptotically normal, a statistic estimator ''T''''n''(''X''1, ''X''2, ..., ''X''''n'') is CAN (consistent and asymptotically normal) if ....
  5. (abbreviation) .  (alternative spelling of, Can.) .
  6. Verb.  (context, modal auxiliary verb, defective) To know how to; to be able to.
  7. Verb.  (context, modal auxiliary verb, defective) May; to be permitted or enabled to.
  8. Verb.  (obsolete, transitive) To know.
  9. Noun.  A more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids, usually of steel or aluminium.
  10. Noun.  A container used to carry and dispense water for plants (a ''watering can'').
  11. Noun.  A tin-plate canister, often cylindrical, for preserved foods such as fruit, meat, or fish.
  12. Noun.  (US, slang) toilet, bathroom.
  13. Noun.  (US, slang) buttocks.
  14. Noun.  (slang) jail or prison.
  15. Noun.  (slang) headphones.
  16. Verb.  To preserve, by heating and sealing in a can or jar.
  17. Verb.  to discard, scrap or terminate (an idea, project, etc.).
  18. Verb.  To shut up.
  19. Verb.  (US, euphemistic) To fire or dismiss an employee.

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