1. Noun.  The quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable.
  2. Noun.  The degree of importance you give to something.
  3. Noun.  The amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else.
  4. Noun.  (music) The relative duration of a musical note.
  5. Noun.  (arts) The relative darkness or lightness of a color in (a specific area of) a painting etc.
  6. Noun.  Numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed.
  7. Verb.  To estimate the cost of; judge the worth of something.
  8. Verb.  To regard highly; think much of; place importance upon.
  9. Verb.  To fix or determine the value of; assign a value to, as of jewelry or art work.
  10. Verb.  To hold dear.

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