1. Noun.  (context, fauna) A tiny woodland arthropod of the order Acarina.
  2. Noun.  A relatively quiet but sharp sound generally made repeatedly by moving machinery.
  3. Noun.  A mark on any scale of measurement; a unit of measurement.
  4. Noun.  (computing) A jiffy (unit of time defined by basic timer frequency).
  5. Noun.  (colloquial) A short period of time, particularly a second.
  6. Noun.  (British) a mark ((unicode, ) ) made to indicate agreement, correctness or acknowledgement; checkmark.
  7. Verb.  To make a clicking noise similar to the movement of the hands in an analog clock.
  8. Verb.  To make a tick mark.
  9. Noun.  (uncountable) Ticking.
  10. Noun.  A sheet that wraps around a mattress.
  11. Noun.  (British, colloquial) Credit, trust.

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