1. Proper noun.  (abbreviation of, North American English) .
  2. Noun.  Any nounal word or phrase which indicates a particular person, place, class, or thing.
  3. Noun.  Reputation.
  4. Noun.  A person (or legal person).
  5. Noun.  (computing) A unique identifier, generally a string of characters.
  6. Noun.  An investor in Lloyds of London bearing unlimited liability.
  7. Verb.  (transitive) To give a name to.
  8. Verb.  (transitive) To mention, specify.
  9. Verb.  (transitive) To identify as relevant or important.
  10. Verb.  (transitive) To publicly implicate.
  11. Verb.  (transitive) To designate for a role.

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