1. Adjective.  factually fair; correct; proper.
  2. Adjective.  morally fair; upright; righteous, equitable.
  3. Adverb.  Only, simply, merely.
  4. Adverb.  (context, sentence adverb) (non-gloss definition, Used to reduce the force of an imperative) ; simply.
  5. Adverb.  (context, speech act) (non-gloss definition, Used to convey a less serious or formal tone) .
  6. Adverb.  (context, speech act) (non-gloss definition, Used to show humility) .
  7. Adverb.  Moments ago, recently.
  8. Adverb.  By a narrow margin; closely; nearly.
  9. Adverb.  exactly, perfectly.
  10. Noun.  A joust, tournament.
  11. Verb.  To joust, fight a tournament.

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