1. Adjective.  Indefinably large, countlessly great; immense. (defdate, from 14th c.) .
  2. Adjective.  Boundless, endless, without end or limits; innumerable. (defdate, from 15th c.) .
  3. Adjective.  (context, now) With plural noun: infinitely many. (defdate, from 15th c.) .
  4. Adjective.  (mathematics) Greater than any positive quantity or magnitude; limitless. (defdate, from 17th c.) .
  5. Adjective.  (set theory, of a set) Having infinitely many elements.
  6. Adjective.  (grammar) Not limited by person or number. (defdate, from 19th c.) .
  7. Numeral.  Infinitely many.

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