1. Proper noun.  (surname, A An) , originally a nickname for a cheerful or lively person.
  2. Proper noun.  (given name, female) from the word gay, "joyful"; rare today.
  3. Proper noun.  (given name, male) . Also a shortened form of Gabriel, Gaylord and similar names, or transferred from the surname.
  4. Adjective.  (dated) Happy, joyful, and lively.
  5. Adjective.  (dated) Festive, bright, or colourful.
  6. Adjective.  (context, of a person, especially a man) Homosexual: preferring romantic or sexual partners of the same gender or the same sex.
  7. Adjective.  (context, of a romantic relationship or pairing) Homosexual: being between two people of the same gender or the same sex; ''especially'', being between two men.
  8. Adjective.  (context, of an institution or group) Homosexual: intended for gay people, ''especially'' gay men.
  9. Adjective.  (context, loosely) Homosexual: being in accordance with stereotypes of gay people, ''especially'' gay men.
  10. Adjective.  (context, loosely) Homosexual: exhibiting appearance or behavior that accords with stereotypes of gay people, ''especially'' gay men.
  11. Adjective.  (slang, pejorative) Effeminate or flamboyant in behavior.
  12. Adjective.  (slang, pejorative) (non-gloss definition, Used to express dislike) : lame, uncool, stupid.
  13. Adjective.  (context, of a dog's tail) Upright or curved over the back.
  14. Noun.  (chiefly, in plural or attributive) a homosexual, ''especially'' a male homosexual; ''see also'' lesbian.
  15. Noun.  (obsolete) An ornament.
  16. Noun.  The name of the letter ⟨'''—'''⟩, which stands for the sound (IPA, /ɡ/) , in Pitman shorthand.

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