1. Proper noun.  (UK, colloquial) the comedic magazine Private Eye.
  2. Proper noun.  (UK) The London Eye, a tourist attraction in London.
  3. Noun.  An organ that is sensitive to light, which it converts to electrical signals passed to the brain, by which means animals see.
  4. Noun.  The visual sense.
  5. Noun.  Attention, notice.
  6. Noun.  The ability to notice what others might miss.
  7. Noun.  A meaningful stare or look.
  8. Noun.  A private eye: a privately hired detective or investigator.
  9. Noun.  A hole at the blunt end of a needle through which thread is passed.
  10. Noun.  A fitting consisting of a loop of metal or other material, suitable for receiving a hook or the passage of a cord or line.
  11. Noun.  The relatively clear and calm center of a hurricane or other such storm.
  12. Noun.  A mark on an animal, such as a peacock or butterfly, resembling a human eye.
  13. Noun.  The dark spot on a black-eyed pea.
  14. Noun.  A reproductive bud in a potato.
  15. Noun.  (informal) The dark brown center of a black-eyed Susan flower.
  16. Verb.  To observe carefully.
  17. Verb.  To view something narrowly, as a document or a phrase in a document.
  18. Verb.  To look at someone or something as if with the intent to do something with that person or thing.

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