1. Noun.  An early version of a written work.
  2. Noun.  A preliminary sketch, rough outline.
  3. Noun.  (nautical) Depth of water needed to float a ship also spelled [[draught.
  4. Noun.  A current of air, usually coming into a room or vehicle also spelled [[draught.
  5. Noun.  Draw through a flue of gasses (smoke) resulting from a combustion process.
  6. Noun.  A cheque, an order for money to be paid.
  7. Noun.  An amount of liquid that is drunk in one swallow also spelled [[draught.
  8. Noun.  conscription, the system of forcing people to serve in the military.
  9. Noun.  (sports) A system of assigning rookie players to professional sports teams.
  10. Noun.  (rail transport) the pulling force (tension) on couplers and draft gear during a slack stretched condition.
  11. Verb.  (transitive) to write a first version, make a preliminary sketch.
  12. Verb.  write a law.
  13. Verb.  (transitive) to conscript a person, force a person to serve in the military.
  14. Verb.  to select and separate an animal or animals from a group.
  15. Verb.  (transitive) to force or convince a person to do a job they do not want to do.
  16. Verb.  (transitive, sports) to select a rookie player onto a professional sports team.
  17. Verb.  (intransitive) To follow very closely behind another vehicle, thereby providing an aerodynamic advantage to both lead and follower, thereby conserving energy or increasing speed.
  18. Adjective.  (not comparable) Referring to drinks on tap, in contrast to bottled.

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