1. Proper noun.  (surname, patronymic) derived from a medieval diminutive of David. [ Day Surname Origin & Last Name Meaning] at Ancestor Search..
  2. Proper noun.  (surname, A An ) from day as a word for a "day-servant", an archaic term for a day-laborer.Ernest Weekley, ''The Romance of Words'' (1927), p. 165. ,or from given names such as Dagr, Daug, Dege, and Dey, cognate with Scandinavian Dag.Susa Young Gates, ''Surname Book and Racial History'' (1918) p. 289..
  3. Proper noun.  (surname, A An) anglicised from (term, Ó Deághaidh) .
  4. Proper noun.  A Mbum-Day language of Chad.
  5. Noun.  Any period of 24 hours.
  6. Noun.  A period from midnight to the following midnight.
  7. Noun.  (astronomy) Rotational period of a planet (especially earth).
  8. Noun.  The part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc.
  9. Noun.  Part of a day period between sunrise and sunset where one enjoys daylight, daytime.
  10. Noun.  A specified time or period; time, considered with reference to the existence or prominence of a person or thing; age; time.
  11. Noun.  A period of contention of a day or less.

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