1. Noun.  an enclosure within which workers, prisoners, or soldiers are confined.
  2. Noun.  a group of buildings situated close together, eg. for a school or block of offices.
  3. Adjective.  composed of elements; not simple.
  4. Adjective.  (music) This changes the meaning of an interval so that it is an octave higher than originally (i.e. a compound major second is equivalent to a major ninth).
  5. Noun.  Anything made by combining several things.
  6. Noun.  (chemistry, dated) A substance made from any combination elements.
  7. Noun.  (chemistry) A substance formed by chemical union of two or more ingredients in definite proportions by weight.
  8. Noun.  (linguistics) A lexeme that consists of more than one stem; compound word; for example (term, laptop) , formed from (term, lap) and (term, top) .
  9. Verb.  (intransitive) to come together.
  10. Verb.  (intransitive) to come to terms of agreement.
  11. Verb.  (transitive) to put together.
  12. Verb.  (transitive) to add to.
  13. Verb.  (transitive, legal) to settle by agreeing on less than the claim.

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