1. (acronym) .  Centre for Alternative Technology.
  2. (acronym) .  Counter Assault Team.
  3. (acronym) .  Computer-adaptive test.
  4. (acronym) .  Common Admission Test.
  5. (acronym) .  Civil Air Transport.
  6. (acronym) .  Citizens Area Transit.
  7. (acronym) .  Clear air turbulence.
  8. (acronym) .  (medicine) computed axial tomography.
  9. (acronym) .  Career Aptitude Test.
  10. (acronym) .  Computer-assisted translation.
  11. (acronym) .  Canadian Achievement Tests.
  12. (acronym) .  Computer Aided Translation.
  13. (acronym) .  Cambridge Antibody Technology.
  14. (acronym) .  Credit Authorization Terminal.
  15. (acronym) .  Citizenship Advancement Training.
  16. (acronym) .  Computer Aided Transceiver.
  17. (acronym) .  Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope.
  18. (acronym) .  Coital Alignment Technique.
  19. (acronym) .  conidial anastomosis tube.
  20. (acronym) .  chloramphenicol acetyltransferase.
  21. (acronym) .  crisis assessment team.
  22. Noun.  (slang) The Caterpillar brand of heavy machinery.
  23. Noun.  A domesticated subspecies (qualifier, Felis silvestris catus) of feline animal, commonly kept as a house pet. (defdate, from 8th c.) .
  24. Noun.  Any similar animal of the family ''Felidae'', which includes lions, tigers, etc.
  25. Noun.  A catfish.
  26. Noun.  (derogatory) A spiteful or angry woman. (defdate, from earlier 13th c.) .
  27. Noun.  An enthusiast or player of jazz.
  28. Noun.  (slang) A person (usually male).
  29. Noun.  (nautical) A strong tackle used to hoist an anchor to the cathead of a ship.
  30. Noun.  (nautical) Contraction of cat-o'-nine-tails.
  31. Noun.  (slang) Any of a variety of earth-moving machines. (from their manufacturer Caterpillar Inc.).
  32. Noun.  (archaic) A sturdy merchant sailing vessel (qualifier, now only in "catboat") .
  33. Noun.  (archaic, uncountable) The game of "trap and ball" (also called "cat and dog").
  34. Noun.  (archaic, uncountable) The trap of the game of "trap and ball".
  35. Noun.  (slang) Prostitute. (defdate, from at least early 15th c.) .
  36. Noun.  (slang, vulgar) A vagina; female external genitalia.
  37. Verb.  (nautical) To hoist (the anchor) by its ring so that it hangs at the cathead.
  38. Verb.  (nautical) To flog with a cat-o'-nine-tails.
  39. Verb.  (slang) To vomit something.
  40. Noun.  A catamaran.
  41. Noun.  (computing) A ‘catenate’ program and command in Unix that reads one or more files and directs their content to an output device.
  42. Verb.  (computing) To apply the '''cat''' command to (a file).
  43. Verb.  (computing, _) To dump large amounts of data on (an unprepared target) usually with no intention of browsing it carefully.
  44. Adjective.  (Ireland, informal) terrible, disastrous.

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