1. Noun.  (uncountable, economics) Already-produced durable goods available for use as a factor of production, such as steam shovels (equipment) and office buildings (structures).
  2. Noun.  (uncountable, business) Money and wealth. The means to acquire goods and services, especially in a non-barter system.
  3. Noun.  (countable) A city designated as a legislative seat by the government or some other authority, often the city in which the government is located; otherwise the most important city within a country or a subdivision of it.
  4. Noun.  (countable) The most important city in the field specified.
  5. Noun.  (countable) An uppercase letter.
  6. Noun.  (countable, architecture) The uppermost part of a column.
  7. Noun.  (uncountable) Knowledge; awareness; proficiency.
  8. Adjective.  of prime importance.
  9. Adjective.  (British) excellent.
  10. Adjective.  involving punishment by death.
  11. Adjective.  uppercase.

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