1. Noun.  The woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing.
  2. Noun.  Something that divides like the branch of a tree.
  3. Noun.  A location of an organization with several locations.
  4. Noun.  (context, Mormonism) A local congregation of the LDS Church that is not large enough to form a ward; see Wikipedia article on ward in LDS church.
  5. Noun.  An area in business or of knowledge, research.
  6. Noun.  (nautical) A certificate given by Trinity House to a pilot qualified to take navigational control of a ship in British waters.
  7. Verb.  (intransitive) To arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree.
  8. Verb.  (intransitive) To produce branches.
  9. Verb.  (intransitive, computing) To jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement.

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