1. Noun.  The act of acknowledging; admission; avowal; owning; confession.
  2. Noun.  The act of owning or recognizing in a particular character or relationship; recognition as regards the existence, authority, truth, or genuineness.
  3. Noun.  An award or other expression or token of appreciation.
  4. Noun.  An expression of gratitude.
  5. Noun.  A message from the addressee informing the originator that the originator's communication has been received and understood, as a wedding invitation's ''acknowledgement''.
  6. Noun.  (context, Telecommunications) A response sent by a receiver to indicate successful receipt of a transmission.
  7. Noun.  (context, legal) The act of a man admitting a child as his own.
  8. Noun.  (context, legal) A formal statement or document recognizing the fulfilment or execution of a legal requirement or procedure.

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