1. Noun.  (context, Roman Antiquities) a vinegar cup;.
  2. Noun.  (context, Roman Antiquities) the socket of the hipbone;.
  3. Noun.  (context, Roman Antiquities) a measure of about one eighth of a pint.
  4. Noun.  (anatomy) The bony cup which receives the head of the thigh bone.
  5. Noun.  (anatomy) The cavity in which the leg of an insect is inserted at its articulation with the body.
  6. Noun.  (anatomy) A sucker of the sepia or cuttlefish and related animals.
  7. Noun.  (anatomy) The large posterior sucker of the leeches.
  8. Noun.  (anatomy) One of the lobes of the placenta in ruminating animals.

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