1. Interjection.  Indication of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm.
  2. Interjection.  Indication of joyful pleasure.
  3. Interjection.  Indication of sympathy.
  4. Interjection.  Indication of mouth being opened wide.
  5. Interjection.  To express understanding.
  6. Noun.  Expression of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm.
  7. Noun.  Expression of joy and/or pleasure.
  8. Noun.  The exclamation aah.
  9. Verb.  To express amazement or surprise or enthusiasm, especially by the interjection '''aah'''.
  10. Verb.  To express joy or pleasure, especially by the interjection '''aah'''.
  11. Verb.  To say or exclaim '''aah'''.

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