1. Letter.  (Latn-def, en) .
  2. Number.  (Latn-def, en) .
  3. Symbol.  The highest rank on any of various scales that assign letters.
  4. Symbol.  (context, education) The highest letter grade assigned (disregarding plusses and minuses).
  5. Symbol.  (music) A tone three fifths above C in the cycle of fifths; the sixth tone of the C major scale; the reference tone that occurs at exactly 440 Hz.
  6. Symbol.  (medicine) A blood type that has a specific antigen that aggravates the immune response in people with type B antigen in their blood. They may receive blood from type A or type O, but cannot receive blood from AB or B.
  7. Symbol.  (context, vehicle-distinguishing signs) Austria.
  8. Abbreviation.  (context, Webster 1913) Adjective.
  9. Abbreviation.  (context, often with ‘Q’ for “Question”) Answer.
  10. Abbreviation.  Asian.
  11. Abbreviation.  Admit.
  12. Abbreviation.  Application.
  13. Abbreviation.  asynchron.
  14. Abbreviation.  Augsburg.
  15. Abbreviation.  (physics) angstrom.
  16. Abbreviation.  (context, weaponry) atom.
  17. Abbreviation.  (sports) An assist.
  18. Letter.  (Latn-def, en) .
  19. Cardinal number.  (Latn-def, en) .
  20. Noun.  (Latn-def, en) .
  21. Noun.  (context, often capitalized) The best grade; superiority.
  22. Article.  One; any indefinite example of.
  23. Article.  One certain or particular.
  24. Article.  The same; one.
  25. Article.  Any, every.
  26. Preposition.  (archaic) In, on, at, by.
  27. Preposition.  (archaic) In the process of; in the act of; into; to. (qualifier, Used with verbal substantives in ''-ing'' which begin with a consonant.) .
  28. Preposition.  (archaic) Of.
  29. Preposition.  To, each, per.
  30. Verb.  (archaic, or) Have. (qualifier, Now often attached to preceding auxiliary verb.) .
  31. Pronoun.  (obsolete, except) He; she; it; they.
  32. Interjection.  A meaningless syllable; ah.
  33. (abbreviation) .  (context, on bills, etc.) accepted.
  34. (abbreviation) .  ante; before.
  35. (abbreviation) .  (linguistics) active.
  36. (abbreviation) .  adjective.
  37. (abbreviation) .  An are, a unit of area of which 100 comprise a hectare.

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