1. (initialism) .  '''L'''evel '''o'''f '''S'''ervice, a measure by which transportation planners reckon the quality of service on transportation devices.
  2. (initialism) .  '''L'''ine-'''o'''f-'''S'''ight, an uninterrupted virtual line of observation.
  3. (initialism) .  '''L'''oan '''O'''rigination '''S'''ystem, a software application or ASP solution for originating loans.
  4. (initialism) .  '''L'''oss '''o'''f '''S'''ignal.
  5. (initialism) .  Law of the Sea.
  6. (initialism) .  '''L'''ine '''o'''f '''S'''upply, the transportation infrastructure that supports a military unit.
  7. (initialism) .  '''L'''arge '''O'''ffspring '''S'''yndrome, a phenomenon found occasionally in calves and lambs which are born to parents which have been cloned or otherwise subject to embryo manipulation.
  8. (initialism) .  IATA airport code for Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

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