1. Proper noun.  An Indo-European ethnic group of people native to Northern India and Pakistan ''(including large populations living in the EU, US, Canada, Australia and UK)'', that have attributes of an ethnic group, tribe and a people.[http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/jat.html].
  2. Proper noun.  A member of an Indo-European people living in the Punjab, northwestern India, and Pakistan.[http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/jat.html][http://wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=jat].
  3. Proper noun.  A Indo-Scythian descendant of the Scythian Massagetae and Getae tribes.Hewitt, J.F., The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, South-Western Asia and Southern Europe, Archibald Constable & Co., London, 1894, pp. 481-487.Latif, S.M., History of the Panjab, Reprinted by Progressive Books, Lahore, Pakistan, 1984, first published in 1891, pp. 56.Barstow, A.E., The Sikhs: An Ethnology, Reprinted by B.R. Publishing Corporation, Delhi, India, 1985, first published in 1928, pp. 105-135, 63, 155, 152, 145..
  4. Noun.  (alternative spelling of, yat) .

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