1. (abbreviation) .  Indiana, a state of the United States of America.
  2. (initialism) .  internegative; a type of film stock, most commonly used regarding 35mm motion picture negative.
  3. Preposition.  Contained by.
  4. Preposition.  Surrounded by.
  5. Preposition.  Part of; a member of.
  6. Preposition.  Pertaining to (that particular thing).
  7. Preposition.  Immediately after a period of time.
  8. Preposition.  By virtue of; by means of.
  9. Preposition.  (non-gloss definition, Indicating an order or arrangement.) .
  10. Preposition.  Into.
  11. Preposition.  (non-gloss definition, Denoting a state of the subject.) .
  12. Preposition.  (non-gloss definition, Indicates a language, script, tone{{,) etc. of a text, speech(,) etc.}}.
  13. Preposition.  (non-gloss definition, Indicates a language, script, tone{{,) etc. of writing, speaking(,) etc.}}.
  14. Adverb.  (context, not Appendix:Glossary‎#comparable) Located [[indoors, especially: at home or the office ..
  15. Adverb.  Moving to the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room.
  16. Adverb.  (sports) Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball.
  17. Adverb.  (UK) abbreviation of in aid of.
  18. Adverb.  After the beginning of something.
  19. Noun.  A position of power or a way to get it.
  20. Noun.  (context, in games) The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting.
  21. Adjective.  In fashion; popular.

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