1. Noun.  A poker variant consisting of five different poker variants, with the rules changing from one variant to the next after every hand.
  2. Noun.  A hoofed mammal (scientific name ''Equus caballus'').
  3. Noun.  (context, zoology) Any current or extinct animal of the family ''Equidae'', including the zebra or the ass.
  4. Noun.  (uncountable) Cavalry soldiers (often capitalized).
  5. Noun.  In gymnastics, a piece of equipment with a body on two or four legs, approximately four feet high with two handles on top.
  6. Noun.  (context, chess) The chess piece representing a knight, depicted as a man in a suit of armor and often on a horse, hence the nickname.
  7. Noun.  (slang) A large person.
  8. Noun.  (nautical) A rope stretching along a yard, upon which men stand when reefing or furling the sails; foot ropes.
  9. Noun.  (slang) The sedative, anti-depressant, and anxiolytic drug morphine, chiefly when used illicitly.
  10. Verb.  (transitive) To provide with a horse.
  11. Verb.  (intransitive) To frolic, to act mischieviously. Usually followed by "around".
  12. Verb.  (obsolete) To get on horseback.
  13. Noun.  (uncountable, slang) Heroin.

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