1. (initialism) .  Central African Republic.
  2. Proper noun.  A Nicobarese language having the ISO 639-3 code "caq.".
  3. Noun.  (dated) A wheeled vehicle, drawn by a horse or other animal.
  4. Noun.  A wheeled vehicle that moves independently, with at least three wheels, powered mechanically, steered by a driver and mostly for personal transportation; a motorcar or automobile.
  5. Noun.  (rail transport, chiefly) An unpowered unit in a railroad train.
  6. Noun.  (rail transport) an individual vehicle, powered or unpowered, in a multiple unit.
  7. Noun.  (rail transport) A passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not.
  8. Noun.  A rough unit of quantity approximating the amount which would fill a railroad car.
  9. Noun.  The moving, load-carrying component of an elevator or other cable-drawn transport mechanism.
  10. Noun.  The passenger-carrying portion of certain amusement park rides, such as Ferris wheels.
  11. Noun.  The part of an airship, such as a balloon or dirigible, which houses the passengers and control apparatus.
  12. Noun.  (sailing) A sliding fitting that runs along a track.
  13. Noun.  (uncountable, US) The aggregate of desirable characteristics of a car.
  14. Noun.  (computing) The first part of a cons in LISP. The first element of a list.

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