1. (initialism) .  (European Union) '''Common Agricultural Policy'''.
  2. (initialism) .  (USA) '''Civil Air Patrol'''.
  3. (initialism) .  Colleague Assistance Program.
  4. (initialism) .  combat air patrol.
  5. (initialism) .  '''Change Acceleration Process'''.
  6. (initialism) .  Colors and Placements.
  7. (initialism) .  catabolite activator protein.
  8. Noun.  A close-fitting head covering either without a brim or with a peak.
  9. Noun.  A special head covering to indicate rank, occupation etc.
  10. Noun.  An academic mortarboard.
  11. Noun.  A protective cover or seal.
  12. Noun.  A crown for covering a tooth.
  13. Noun.  The summit of a mountain etc.
  14. Noun.  An artificial upper limit or ceiling.
  15. Noun.  The top part of a mushroom.
  16. Noun.  (cricket) The cap worn by players as protection from the sun; the cap awarded to a player when first selected to play for a side.
  17. Noun.  A small amount of gunpowder in a paper strip or plastic cup for use in a toy gun.
  18. Noun.  A small explosive device used to detonate a larger charge of explosives.
  19. Noun.  (slang) A bullet used to shoot someone.
  20. Noun.  (soccer) An international appearance.
  21. Noun.  (finance) An upper limit on the interest rate payable on an otherwise variable-rate loan, used by borrowers to defend against interest rate increases. Opposite of a floor.
  22. Verb.  To cover or seal with a cap.
  23. Verb.  To award a cap as a mark of distinction etc.
  24. Verb.  To lie over or on top of something.
  25. Verb.  To surpass or outdo.
  26. Verb.  To set an upper limit on something.
  27. Verb.  To make something even more wonderful at the end.
  28. Verb.  (cricket) To select a player to play for a specified side.
  29. Verb.  (slang) To shoot someone.
  30. Verb.  (sport) to select to play for the national team.
  31. Noun.  (finance) Capitalization.
  32. Noun.  (informal) An uppercase letter.
  33. Verb.  (transitive, informal) To convert text to uppercase.

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