1. Proper noun.  A diminutive of the male given name Benjamin or, less often, of Benedict.
  2. Noun.  (US, slang) A US$100 bill, which bears a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Often used in the plural form to indicate large sums of money.
  3. Noun.  (obsolete) A prayer; a petition.
  4. Preposition.  (Scotland, northern England) In, into.
  5. Adjective.  Inner, interior.
  6. Noun.  (Scotland, Northern England) Ben-room: The inner room of a two-room hut or shack (as opposed to the but).
  7. Noun.  A tree, ''Moringa oleifera'' or horseradish tree of Arabia and India, which produces oil of ben.
  8. Noun.  The winged seed of the ben tree.
  9. Noun.  The oil of the ben seed.
  10. Noun.  (context, usually) Son of (used with Hebrew and Arabic surnames).
  11. Noun.  A Scottish or Irish mountain or high peak.

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