1. Proper noun.  A city in Montenegro.
  2. Noun.  A solid, more or less rigid object with a uniform cross-section smaller than its length.
  3. Noun.  (metallurgy) A solid metal object with uniform (round, square, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular) cross-section; in the US its smallest dimension is .25 inch or greater (US), a piece of thinner material being called a strip.
  4. Noun.  A cuboid piece of any solid commodity.
  5. Noun.  A long, narrow drawn or printed rectangle, cuboid or cylinder, especially as used in a bar code or a bar chart.
  6. Noun.  A diacritical mark that consists of a line drawn through a grapheme. (For example, turning '''A''' into '''Ⱥ'''.).
  7. Noun.  A business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages for consumption on the premises, or the premises themselves; public house.
  8. Noun.  The counter of such a premises.
  9. Noun.  A similar device or simply a closet containing alcoholic beverages in a private house or a hotel room.
  10. Noun.  An official order or pronouncement that prohibits some activity.
  11. Noun.  (computing, whimsical) A metasyntactic variable representing an unspecified entity, often the second in a series, following foo.
  12. Noun.  (UK, legal) The railing surrounding the part of a courtroom in which the judges, lawyers, defendants and witnesses stay.
  13. Noun.  (legal, "the Bar") Short for the Bar exam, the legal licensing exam.
  14. Noun.  (legal, "the Bar") A collective term for lawyers; specifically barristers in some countries but including all lawyers in others.
  15. Noun.  (legal, loosely) The legal profession of lawyers; specifically barristers in some countries but including all lawyers in others.
  16. Noun.  (music) A vertical line across a musical staff dividing written music into sections, typically of equal durational value.
  17. Noun.  (music) One of those musical sections.
  18. Noun.  (sports) A horizontal pole that must be crossed in high jump and pole vault.
  19. Noun.  (soccer) The crossbar.
  20. Noun.  (backgammon) The central divider between the inner and outer table of a backgammon board, where stones are placed if they are hit.
  21. Noun.  An addition to a military medal, on account of a subsequent act.
  22. Noun.  A linear shoaling landform feature within a body of water.
  23. Noun.  (nautical) A ridge or succession of ridges of sand or other substance, especially a formation extending across the mouth of a river or harbor or off a beach, and which may obstruct navigation. (FM 55-501).
  24. Noun.  (heraldiccharge) One of the ordinaries in heraldry; a fess.
  25. Noun.  A generic unit of measure of signal strength for a wireless device such as a cell phone.
  26. Noun.  A city gate in UK places names, such as 'Potters Bar.'.
  27. Verb.  (transitive) To obstruct the passage of (someone or something).
  28. Verb.  (transitive) To prohibit.
  29. Verb.  (transitive) To lock or bolt with a bar.
  30. Preposition.  Except, with the exception of.
  31. Noun.  A unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals.

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