Proper noun.  The opposite of the God of Abraham. Erroneously thought of as Satan (meaning simply: "adversary") Angromainyus is the anti-God, or antitheses and has been from the beginning - even before creation. Often represented as a serpent, Angromainyus is death, disease and darkness. Angromainyus is not a fallen angel and therefore not subject to the overlordship of God as Satan is. Angromainyus is supposed to be in some form of inescapable prison, and bound for all eternity. It is said that if Angromainyus were to be released, then all creation would be un-done. The formula (instructions, spell or ritual) for which is contained in separate pieces in the various Grimoir books that have appeared over the centuries. ref from: "Fallen Angels in Jewish, Christian and Mohammedan Literature." by Leo Jung, Philadelphia: Dropsie College 1926.

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