1. Proper noun.  Ab (Semitic), a common part of Arabic-derived names, meaning "father of" in Arabic.
  2. Proper noun.  A volcano on the island of HonshÅ« in Japan.
  3. Proper noun.  Mount Abu, the highest mountain in the Indian state of Rajasthan.
  4. Proper noun.  Abu, Yamaguchi, a town in Japan.
  5. Proper noun.  (mythology) A minor god of vegetation in Sumerian mythology.
  6. Proper noun.  The fifth month of the Babylonian calendar.
  7. Proper noun.  The ancient Egyptian name for the city of Elephantine, near modern day Aswan.
  8. Proper noun.  A language of Papua New Guinea which is not related to Abau and nor to Abui.

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