1. (abbreviation) .  Anglo-Saxon.
  2. (abbreviation) .  Advanced Supplementary.
  3. (abbreviation) .  Advanced Subsidiary.
  4. (abbreviation) .  (neurology) Asperger's syndrome.
  5. (abbreviation) .  (US, Navy) Auxiliary Submarine - a naval tender, a submarine tender that tends to submarines.
  6. Adverb.  To such an extent or degree.
  7. Adverb.  In the manner or role specified.
  8. Adverb.  (dated) For example.
  9. Conjunction.  In the same way that; according to what.
  10. Conjunction.  At the same instant that; when.
  11. Conjunction.  At the same time that; while.
  12. Conjunction.  Varying through time in the same proportion that.
  13. Conjunction.  Considering that, because, since.
  14. Conjunction.  (non-gloss definition, Introducing a basis of comparison, after '''as''', '''so''', or a comparison of equality.) .
  15. Conjunction.  (obsolete) Introducing a comparison with a hypothetical state (+ subjunctive); ‘as though’, ‘as if’. (defdate, 13th-19th c.) .
  16. Conjunction.  (context, now) Functioning as a relative conjunction; that. (defdate, from 14th c.) .
  17. Preposition.  (non-gloss definition, Introducing a basis of comparison, with an object in the objective case.) .
  18. Preposition.  In the role of.
  19. Noun.  (context, unit of weight) A libra.
  20. Noun.  Any of several coins of Rome, coined in bronze or later copper; or the equivalent value.

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