1. (abbreviation) .  Automation Presses Tooling.
  2. (abbreviation) .  Advanced Packaging Tool.
  3. (abbreviation) .  Advanced Passenger Train.
  4. (abbreviation) .  Alabama Public Television.
  5. (abbreviation) .  American Public Television.
  6. (abbreviation) .  Apartment. The US Postal Service prefers ''APT'', but ''Apt.'' is also seen.
  7. (abbreviation) .  Arbitrage Pricing Theory.
  8. (abbreviation) .  Automatically Programmed Tool.
  9. Adjective.  Fit or fitted; suited; suitable; appropriate.
  10. Adjective.  (context, of persons or things) Having a habitual tendency; habitually liable or likely; disposed towards.
  11. Adjective.  Ready; especially fitted or qualified (to do something); quick to learn; prompt; expert; as, a pupil apt to learn; an apt scholar.

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