1. (initialism) .  All Nippon Airways.
  2. (initialism) .  American Nurses Association.
  3. (initialism) .  anti-nuclear antibody.
  4. (initialism) .  Afghan National Army.
  5. (initialism) .  (UK) Animal Nursing Assistant.
  6. Noun.  A collection of things associated with a person or place, especially a personal collection of anecdotes or conversations at table.
  7. Adverb.  (''in prescriptions'') Of each; an equal quantity; as, wine and honey, ana (or contracted to aa), / ij. (that is, of wine and honey, each, two ounces).
  8. Noun.  (Internet, slang) Anorexia (context, used especially by the pro-ana movement) .
  9. Adverb.  In a direction analogous to up, but along the additional axis added by the fourth dimension.

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