1. (initialism) .  '''A'''ction '''M'''essage '''F'''ormat, a proprietary protocol for object remoting.
  2. (initialism) .  Ammanford railway station, from its National Rail code.
  3. (initialism) .  '''A'''rab '''M'''onetary '''F'''und.
  4. (initialism) .  '''A'''dios, '''M'''other '''F'''ucker, a mixed drink variant of the Long Island iced tea.
  5. (initialism) .  Autorité des marchés financiers, a financial institution supervising the French financial market , or its Quebec counterpart that shares the same name.
  6. (initialism) .  '''A'''ttacking '''m'''id'''f'''ielder, in Association Football. .
  7. (initialism) .  '''A'''ustralian '''M'''ilitia '''F'''orce, a forerunner to the Australian Army Reserve.
  8. (initialism) .  '''A'''fghan '''M'''ilitary (or '''M'''ilitia) '''F'''orce, the American name for Afghan soldiers from Hamid Karzai's government, or from local militias allied to Afghanistan's central government.

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