1. Noun.  (programming) (initialism of, w:Abstract Data Type) .
  2. Noun.  (context, research) (initialism of, w:Accelerated Degradation Testing) .
  3. Noun.  (military) (initialism of, w:Accumulated Deployed Time) .
  4. Noun.  (computing) (initialism of, w:Acknowledged Data Transfer) .
  5. Noun.  (military, weaponry) (initialism of, w:Active Denial Technology) .
  6. Noun.  (military) (initialism of, w:Active Duty for Training) .
  7. Noun.  (military) (initialism of, w:Active Duty Tour) .
  8. Noun.  (healthcare) (initialism of, w:Admissions, Discharge, Transfer) .
  9. Noun.  (abbreviation of, adult) .
  10. Noun.  (context, audio recording) (initialism of, w:Automatic Double Tracking) .
  11. Noun.  (computing) (initialism of, w:Advanced DRAM Technology) .
  12. Noun.  (context, hiking) (initialism of, w:American Discovery Trail) .
  13. Noun.  (context, astronomy education) (initialism of, w:Astronomy Diagnostic Test) .
  14. Noun.  (context, traffic information) (initialism of, w:Average Daily Traffic) .

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