1. Noun.  Academic grade issued by some institutions, which is inferior to an A and superior to a B+.
  2. Prefix.  (no longer productive) (non-gloss definition, forming verbs with the sense ''away'', ''from'', ''out'') .
  3. Prefix.  (no longer productive) in, on.
  4. Prefix.  (context, now) (non-gloss definition, representing the Anglo-Saxon intensifying prefix, sometimes with little change in meaning) , e.g. aware.
  5. Prefix.  (no longer productive) (non-gloss definition, forming words with the sense of ''wholly'', ''out'') , e.g. abash.
  6. Prefix.  (non-gloss definition, Forming words denoting absence or lack, e.g. abyss, amoral, usually with stems beginning with consonants.) .

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